Jan Stringer

Jan Stringer

General Manager

Expertise: Business management and business development.

Experience: Over 30 years executive senior management experience. Jan rejoined our team in 2014 after close to nine years spent in a leadership role in local government.

Expected: In her role to develop the firm’s business, financial, strategic and marketing plans. She also has overall responsibility for risk management, human resources, property management, trust account administration and compliance.

Excels: In her work, ensuring the team here has the collective skills, individual motivation and firm-wide wealth of resources required to deliver the very best in legal service.

Exceptional: At driving our firm forward with a direct, no-nonsense style (in the warmest and friendliest manner, of course).

Excursions: To the family crib at Otematata in the Waitaki Valley.

Excited: About working on her golf handicap on the local greens to ensure a good showing at the next local tournament.

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