Dean & Associates conquers the Central Otago Rail Trail

During a recent weekend the firm undertook the pleasure (and pain!) of cycling through some of the most picturesque scenery New Zealand has to offer as we intrepidly explored Central Otago’s historic Rail Trail.

We began our adventure at Wedderburn and cycled to Oturehua before taking refreshments at the historically preserved general store. We then made our way through the beautiful rolling brown tussocky hills and snow capped mountains to Lauder where we enjoyed some of the best coffee and walnut slice we have ever tasted. The final leg for the day took us to Omakau where we took accomodation and a lovely evening meal in front of a roaring fire as the weather closed in.

The next day we explored the historic town of Ophir and its incredible hand made bridge before travelling to Chatto Creek, Alexandra and finally Clyde where we regrouped and enjoyed a hearty lunch.

The experience was certainly physically challenging and we are proud to report that each one of us completed the trail without incident. We were well rewarded for our efforts with the breathtaking scenery of Otago Central’s stunning landscape, the remarkable history of gold mining in the region and the collegiality fostered by embarking on a memorable journey together.

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